The Three Sisters (Fabled Three Sisters in the PAL version) are characters that appear in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They serve as sub-bosses of Haunted Towers and they are fought in the Old Graveyard. As with the three Poltergeists, these bosses are unique for their group-boss nature.


Professor E. Gadd tells Luigi that before the Dark Moon's desctruction, The Three Sisters were nice and he enjoyed having tea and chatting with them.


The Three Sisters consist of:

  • Lucinda (Melinda in the PAL version): The smallest, yellow sister. She has the lowest HP of 50.
  • Belinda: The slim, green sister. She is in the middle having 100 HP.
  • Herlinda: The largest, purple sister. She has the most HP of 150.


The Three Sisters mainly attack by circling around Luigi and holding up their mirrors to their faces. One of the sisters will, at one point, expose their face leaving with Luigi to Strobulb that sister and start to vacuum them up into the Poltergust 5000. However, by doing this, the other Sisters will attempt to hit Luigi with their mirrors, though they can be dodged.


Luigi should focus on one sister at a time to insure a capture. Luigi should go after Lucinda/Melinda first since she has the lowest HP then work his way up to sister Herlinda. It is also wise for Luigi to let go of his vacuuming if he feels that he is about to get hit by the other two Sisters.

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