The Three Hags are a group of characters that appear in Super Paper Mario. They consist of HagraHagitha, and Hagnes. They all live in The Underwhere (specifically Underwhere Road) and each have a favor for the heroes to help them out with (though, only Hagra's favor is required to do).


  • Hagra - Hagra's favor involves bringing her the Diet Book from a D-Man she lent it to. Hagra will warp the player right to the D-Man but must walk back to Hagra themselves. Giving Hagra back her Diet Book will result in her giving the Door Key needed to advance through Underwhere Road.
  • Hagitha - Hagitha's favor involves getting a disk from a D-Man for her (similar to Hagra's favor). After being her the disk, Hagitha will give the player a tip to defeating the Underchomp. She says it is very prone to sleep meaning the player must have Piccolo to put the Underchomp to sleep.
  • Hagnes - Hagnes' favor involves just listening to her story. She mentioned a long time ago, she competed for King Grambi's affections but lost to Queen Jaydes.
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