The Master is a character that appears in Paper Mario.


He owns The Dojo in Toad Town and is the strongest fighter throughout the entire area. Although he is old in appearance, the master is very capable in a fight. He has high health and devastating attacks. After Mario defeats The Master's students, Chan and Lee, he decides to fight Mario himself. The first fight is pretty easy, since all he does is punch Mario. When he wins, Mario gets the Third-Degree card. Mario can challenge The Master again to get the Forth-Degree card. This time The Master transforms into a healthy yellow toad with in a fighter's stance. His health is 75 and he does a double attack combo with a damage of 11.

In the third and final fight, he is more powerful. He has a yellow aura surrounding him and has 99 HP. If Mario is able to defeat The Master, he will grant Mario the diploma.


There is a very effective way to help defeat the Master in his third form very easily. Mario should be equipped with the Zap Tap Badge. That way, whenever The Master is about to use his Combo Move, the Zap Tap badge will disrupt his attack sequence only landing one hit with it. Also, using an ultra-ranked Watt with her Flower Point saving charge will help big time in the fight. Mario should keep up with the Mega Smashes until The Master falls. It is heavily recommended fighting The Master for the final time after Mario has completed Chapter 7.


  • His students, Chan and Lee, are quite obviously based on Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee respectively.
  • In his third form, the difficulty of beating the Master is comparable to or harder than fighting Bowser for the final time in the game, since the former has the potential to do more damage than the latter per attack, and regenerates more often.
  • The Master, along with Lee and Chan, are some of the few characters that don't appear in the parade at the end. This is mainly because the encounter with The Master is optional and does not affect the main storyline.
  • The Master is one (if not the only) of few Toads that is fought as a boss in the entire series.
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