The Last Resort is a hotel featured in Luigi's Mansion 3, and the setting of the game. 


During the day, the hotel is a seventeen-story building with a luxurious golden glow, which is just a facade to hide its true appearance; at night, the hotel takes on a more creepy look, even the interior becomes less inviting than it is in the daytime. 


Each of the hotel's floors, not counting the first, second, and basement floors have a different theme to them:

Boilerworks (B2)

Basement (B1)

Grand Lobby (1F)

Mezzanine (2F)

Hotel Shops (3F)

The Great Stage (4F)

RIP Suites (5F)

Castle MacFrights (6F)

Garden Suites (7F)

Paranormal Productions (8F)

Unnatural History Museum (9F)

Tomb Suites (10F)

Twisted Suites (11F)

The Spectral Catch (12F)

Fitness Center (13F)

The Dance Hall (14F)

Master Suite (15F)

The Master Suite is Hellen Gravely's personal quarters. Because of her infatuation with King Boo, most of the furniture and decor on this floor depicts the infamous leader of the Boos. The door to Hellen's office, the Main Observation Room, is sealed with a massive sculpture of King Boo that requires four colored keys to open.


Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the Toads are invited to the hotel by Hellen Gravely for a vacation, not knowing that the hotel is haunted and Hellen is helping King Boo to trap them all into paintings.  

After escaping from King Boo and Hellen, Luigi rescues Professor E. Gadd from a painting on the second floor and sets out to recover the elevator buttons and rescue his friends.  

During the climactic battle with King Boo on the hotel rooftop, King Boo makes the portrait so big that it begins to suck up the hotel as well. After defeating King Boo, the hotel's foundations have weakened considerably because of the painting, causing it to collapse. Fortunately, Professor E. Gadd, Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, Gooigi, the Toads, and the ghosts work together to rebuild the hotel. The size of the new hotel depends on how much money Luigi collects throughout the game.  


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