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The Gauntlet is a mini-game in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


The Gauntlet is located at the bottom of the Challenge Node.

The Minigame

The Gauntlet is a mini-game in which you have to fight previous bosses but however there are X versions in which they have more HP, their attacks are more powerful, and some attacks have a higher attack count(like 3 orbs to 6).

There is also a turn count in which you must defeat the boss in that amount of turns or less.


There are a total of 7 classes you fight in The Gauntlet

Class 1: Durmite X

Class 2: Kretin X

Class 3: Wisdurm X

Class 4: Bowser Memory MLX

Class 5: Junker X

Class 6: Dark Star X

Class 7: Durmite X, Kretin X, Wisdurm X, Bowser Memory MLX, Junker X, Dark Star X, Bowser X

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