The Enigmansion is the third level of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Enigmansion is a very large mansion on what it appears to have two floors. The inside of it has red rugs and green walls. It's name is a portmanteau of 'enigma' and 'mansion'.


After crossing the slippery trails of Ice Flow, Mario notices a large mansion in the background. He decides to head towards it and finds a lone purple Toad sitting just outside of it. The Toad tells Mario he owns the mansion and wants Mario to capture all of the "terrors" of the mansion and take them to the basement using the Book of Sealing. Mario, agreeing to this, takes the Book of Sealing and heads inside the mansion. The "terrors" turn out to be Boos claiming the mansion as their own. Mario fights his way though all of the Boos and seals them in the Book of Sealing. Mario eventually defeats and captures all of 100 Boos and heads toward the basement. Unfortunately for him, Kamek shows up again and turns all the Boos in Mario's Book of Sealing into one Big Boo. Mario defeats it using a combo of Spike Helmets and the Vacuum Thing Sticker to once again seal the Boos and put them in the basement. The Toad is pleased and invites Mario into his lobby. Not deciding to stick around, Mario jumps out the window, nabs the Comet Piece, and completes this level.


Thing Stickers

  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Watering Can
  • Cake
  • Stapler


  • Book of Sealing
  • Steward's Portrait
  • Mansion Safe Scrap
  • Mansion Door Scrap
  • Mansion Wall Scrap
  • Mansion Bookcase Scrap
  • Big Bookcase Scrap
  • Forebear's Portrait Scrap


  • The Enigmansion is heavily based one of newest mansions from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon as they are both similar in design and even takes place while it's snowing. This mansion is known as the Secret Mine.