The Chimp is a character who Mario first meets in Fluffy Bluff Galaxy mission "Search For the Toad Brigade Leader" in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He claims that he is the best gamer of all time, and out of cockiness will challenge Mario to a mini-game; and upon completion will fork over a Star. The minigame is "The Chimp's Stomp Challenge." The second encounter with The Chimp is in the Freezy Flake Galaxy. He is found in a pipe under a pine tree covered with snow, which can be destroyed with Fire Mario or Rock Mario. Inside the pipe, he will challenge Mario to a minigame called "The Chimp's Skating Challenge" where Mario must defeat as many enemies as possible. If Mario's score is higher than 500, The Chimp will give him a Power Star.

The Chimp also appears at the Honeyhop Galaxy where he challenges Mario to a minigame similar to the one at the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy with a minigame that is "The Chimp's Score Challenge". Mario must defeat many enemies and collect coins.

The Chimp also challenges Mario at the Melty Monster Galaxy to "The Chimp's Bowling Challenge." Mario must knock over as many Pinheads as possible to beat The Chimp's score.



Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Fluffy Bluff Galaxy - The Chimp's Stomp Challenge