The Bitlands is a location in Super Paper Mario. It serves as the main setting for Chapter 3 and also for Chapter 3-1.


The Bitlands is a noticeably dotted world with everything including the bushes, pathways, and sky composed of small squares that make up the matter.


Chapter 3-1: When Geeks Attack

Mario, Princess Peach, and Tippi arrive in The Bitlands eager to get the next Pure Heart. Suddenly, Tippi is captured by a large chameleon and the chameleon turns invisible and leaves. A Pixl named Barry who was hiding in the nearby bush saw everything and identifies the chameleon named Francis. Mario and Peach asked Barry where Francis may have taken Tippi to and Barry says back to his place at Fort Francis. However, Fort Francis is located very far away and getting there involves crossing through different terrain. Barry does give them some useful tips before going back behind the bush. Mario and Peach continue heading forward batting through members of the Koopa Troop. Eventually, they reach a large castle where they used Boomer to blow it up and Bowser suddenly lands on the ground. Bowser is angry to see Mario with Peach and fights him one-on-one. Mario manages to defeat Bowser again and Peach tries to convince Bowser to join them. Bowser isn't eager to help Mario but is finally convinced after hearing that he won't have a world to conquer if there is no world. With that said, Mario, Peach, and Bowser head down into the ocean.




  • This stage makes a clear reference to World 1-2 from the original Super Mario Bros..
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