The Beat Goes On is a 4-player mini-game that appears in Mario Party 3. The general premise of this mini-game is similar to Move to the Music in Mario Party 2.


The characters can be seen on a lily pad with a pair of drums. Their lily pads encircle a tribe of Spear Guys, with a large one carrying a set of drums. At the beginning of the mini-game, the large Spear Guy will play four drum beats by either using the A Button, B Button, or Z Button button. The characters must memorize and follow these sequence of buttons. When they approach the exclamation point (!), then they can create their own beat. When they successfully complete their beats, then the next character must follow their pattern. The objective of this mini-game is to follow the pattern of the beats without messing up. If a character messes up one of the beats, the Spear Guys in the center of the board will throw flames at the characters, eliminating them from the mini-game. The last character remaining will win the mini-game.


  • A Button - Hit the A drum.
  • B Button - Hit the B drum.
  • Z Button - Hit the Z drum.
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