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MKT Mario icon Mario (Santa)
MKT Mario (Santa)
Rarity: High-End
Special Skill
MKT Fire Flower

Fire Flower
Lets you throw three fireballs. Spin out your opponents while you burn up the track!

Favored courses
3 items per box Mario Circuit 1R
SNES Rainbow Road T
SNES Rainbow Road R
Luigi's Mansion
DK Pass
Mario Circuit R/T
Mario Circuit 1R/T
Vanilla Lake 1T
2 items per box Rock Rock Mountain R R
Choco Island 2
Mario Circuit 3R
DK Pass R
SNES Rainbow Road
London Loop T
3DS Rainbow Road
3DS Rainbow Road T
New York Minute 2R/T
Tokyo Blur 2
Mario Circuit 2R/T
Vanilla Lake 1R
DK Pass R/T
Donut Plains 1
RMX Choco Island 1T
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