Mario & Luigi enemy
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Level {{{level}}}
Weakness {{{weakness}}}
HP {{{hp}}}
Power {{{pow}}}
Defense {{{def}}}
Speed {{{spd}}}
Experience gained {{{exp}}}
Coins dropped {{{coins}}}
Item dropped {{{item}}}
Fire {{{fire}}}
Thunder {{{thunder}}}
Jump {{{jump}}}
Hammer {{{hammer}}}
Hand {{{hand}}}
Stun? {{{stun}}}
Burn? {{{burn}}}
Dizzy? {{{dizzy}}}
Stat Down? {{{statdown}}}
KO? {{{ko}}}
No Hitter {{{nohitter}}}
World {{{world}}}
  • Parentheses represent Japanese versions different from the American and European versions.
  • Gray statistics shows that they are found just in the game's coding and not available during normal gameplay.


{{M&L Enemy
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|hp       = 
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|spd      = 
|exp      = 
|coins    = 
|item     = 
|level    = 
|fire     = 
|thunder  = 
|jump     = 
|hammer   =
|hand     = 
|stun     = 
|burn     = 
|dizzy    = 
|statdown = 
|nohitter = 
|world    = 
|game     = 

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