Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is an infobox for Mario Party minigames.

Recommended usage: copy the template code to a new template page, and edit it there.

Place the <noinclude>{{Infobox MP Minigame}}</noinclude> at the start of the article page; copy the preformat.
{{Infobox MP Minigame
|name    = 
|image   = 
|caption = 
|games   = 
|type    = 
|time    = 
|record  = 
|music   = 
  • name: The name of the article. If the minigame article displays such as "Memory Match (Mario Party)", type the minigame name itself.
  • image: Type the file syntax such as [[File:SMP Sizzling Stakes.png|thumb|250px]].
  • caption: Type the caption for the image.
  • games: Type the name of the Mario Party video game it appears. If it appears more than one, add <br />. When typing the video game, add Italics and [[Links]].
    • eg: ''[[Mario Party 7]]''<br />''[[Mario Party: The Top 100]]''
  • type: Type the minigame type. There are common types of minigames; and also add "minigame" after the genre.
    • eg: Free-for-All minigame
  • time: Type the time limit in the minigame. If the minigame does not have a time limit, leave it blank.
    • eg: 30 seconds
  • record: Some minigames have the initial record.
  • music: Type the name of the song. If the song name is not confirmed, leave it blank.
    • eg: Cool as a Cucumber

The Minigames category is already added after using the infobox.

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