This template is to be placed on every navigation template directly in front of the title in the template's header. It must be typed in the form of {{edit|NAME}}, where "NAME" is the name of the template (minus "Template:"). For example, on Template:MB, {{edit|MB}} would be used, and the coding at the top of the template would look like this:

{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed navtemplate mario"
!colspan=2 style=background:#CC0000|{{edit|MB}} ''[[Mario Bros. (game)|Mario Bros.]]

Keep in mind that the names of the template must be added as they appear in the address bar, meaning it is case-sensitive, spaces must be rendered as underscores ( _ ) and while colons (:), apostraphes (') and regular dashes (-) are not affected, other symbols may need to be entered as code, including ampersands (&). For example, on Template:P&DSMBE Levels, {{edit|P%26DSMBE_Levels}} must be used, substituting %26 for &, and _ for the space.