Teetering Turtle Trouble
Teetering Turtle Trouble.png
Teetering Turtle Trouble
Player(s) Lanky Kong
Diddy Kong
Tiny Kong
Any Kong
Location Snide's H.Q.
Angry Aztec
Fungi Forest
Creepy Castle
Time to Complete 45 seconds (Angry Aztec and Fungi Forest)
60 seconds (Snide's H.Q. and Creepy Castle)
Game Donkey Kong 64

Teetering Turtle Trouble is a Bonus Stage played by the Kongs in the game Donkey Kong 64.


In this minigame, there are six snakes balancing turtles on the tips of their tails. The player must feed the snakes watermelons to have the snakes keep spinning the turtles. When a snake gets hungry, they will start to lose balance of the turtle. The turtle will call out for help when this happen urging the player to feed that snake before the turtle falls over which will result in a Game Over. The player must keep the snakes from dropping the turtles in a certain amount of time to win. This minigame can be played later in Snide's H.Q. after getting all of the Blueprints in the game.