Teehee Valley is an location in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Teehee Valley is a desert, and it features numerous pipes leading underground and an area that resembles a canyon. Prior to Mario and Luigi obtaining the first Beanstar piece, Gritty Goombas are the most common enemies in the valley, but they are all replaced by Anuboos after.


It is first explored after Princess Peach lands at Beanbean International Airport. Peach decides to visit Little Fungitown, and the Mario Bros. need to escort her there. While the Bros. are escorting the princess, she will be repeatedly kidnapped by Gritty Goombas, and as such they need to rescue her. When Mario and Luigi get the princess to the entrance of Little Fungitown, a monster known as Trunkle attacks them.

When Mario falls ill with Bean Fever, Luigi must travel across Teehee Valley to Guffawha Ruins. The Bros. return to the valley again after the Beanstar is broken up into four pieces. Once there, they find a ship called the S.S. Chuckola, whose crew is undead. It is also the location of the first Beanstar piece. When they free a seaman from a wall, the ship is propelled into the ocean, bringing the Beanstar piece with it.