Tayce T. is a kind Toad chef that is willing to cook for Mario anytime, and only appears in Paper Mario and only lives in Toad Town.


Tayce T. is a Toad with yellow spots on her head. She also has white, curly hair that can be seen.


Tayce T. can be first seen cooking for Princess Peach's party at her castle. However, the castle soon starts to rise into the sky thanks to Bowser and Tayce T. manages to escape. Tayce T. can be seen in her home at south Toad Toad where she will cook for Mario. During Chapter 4, a Shy Guy steals Tayce's frying pan and she is unable to cook. Mario manages to retrieve it and she awards him with a cake.

If Mario gives Tayce T. the Cookbook after it was dropped by Gourmet Guy, she will be able to cook two items at the same time for him.