Tarantox is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy.


It is a three-eyed, toxic spider boss with a brown body. It can be found in the Space Junk Galaxy along with Kamella.


Mario must use a Sling Pod to aim himself at the green dots on Tarantox to pop them and damage Tarantox. It will turn upside-down so Mario must dash all three red bumps on its belly. It must be damaged again to defeat it. Once defeated, it falls off the web into the depths of space. However, his fate's was unknown. He has not appeared in any games since.


Tarantox's name is a portmanteau "Toxic" and "Tarantella".


  • Tarantox was the second boss to have the same music with Dino Piranha. The third boss next to use the music is Fiery Dino Piranha.
  • Scientifically, Tarantox is not a spider at all, or even an arachnid, because he has six legs and wings, making him an insect. However, Scuttle Bugs (widely considered to be the Mushroom Kingdom version of a spider) have four legs, instead of eight like a real spider.
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