Tail Goombas are sub-species of Goombas who have Tanooki tails on their backs.


Super Mario 3D Land

Tail Goomba first appears in Super Mario 3D Land, debuting in the level World 1-1.

In the game, this foe can do everything that the Tanooki Suit power-up has the ability to do in the game, including slowly falling to the ground via fluttering and spinning their tails. Mario and/or Luigi can defeat this enemy by any means possible. Sometimes, when defeated, these foes release a Super Leaf which Mario/Luigi may then use. Tail Goombas also have a Grand Tail Goomba as a subspecies. This subspecies are also a type of Grand Goomba.

One of the Tail Goombas are False Bowser in the first world.


  • These enemies appear to be based off the Tanoombas from the Mario & Luigi series.
  • A subspecies called Golden Tail Goombas were going to appear in the game before scrapped. This foe was able to do the capabilities of the Invincibility Leaf.
  • Their tails resemble that of a tinuki, a raccoon-like mammal native to Japan.
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