Tadpole Pond is an area that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It was formerly Mallow's home.


Tadpole Pond is a large pond with many tadpoles in it. The tadpole operate shops here where Mario can spend Frog Coins to buy somewhat rare items. The composer Toadofsky can also be found here working on his latest arrangement.


After defeating the vicious Belome and riding down Midas River, Mario and Mallow finally arrive at Tadpole Pond. Mallow is excited to get home and after meeting with some tadpoles, he and Mario head toward Frogfucius. Frogfucius, seeing an opportunity, decides to reveal to Mallow that he is not a tadpole and that he should continue his quest with Mario in order to find his true home. Mallow is greatly disappointed but agrees that the time has come to find his parents. Frogfucius is equally sad to see Mallow leave, but can be cheered up with a Cricket Pie.


  • If Mario gives Frogfucius the Cricket Pie, then Frogfucius will award Mario with the FroggieStick which is a stronger weapon for Mallow.
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