"If you stop the block on a face other than Toad's, you won't be able to move. Time your jumps carefully."
― Advice

TOAD in the Box is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 2. The game's name comes from the term "Jack in the Box".


TOAD in the Box requires the characters to hit a rotating box above their head. There are five levels, each of which the box begins to rotate faster. To move up a level, the box must be hit so that an image of Toad is on the front of the box. If any of the images are on the front, the character will suffer a short pause from hitting the box again before being given another chance to hit it. If a Piranha Plant is on the front, the character will be hit once, while a Chain Chomp will necessitate the same response twice. If Baby Bowser is on the front of the box, the character will be instantly slammed.


  • A Button - Jump