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The T-Rex is an enemy that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. He can be found in the Cascade Kingdom, in the dark forest of the Wooded Kingdom and the Metro Kingdom in a bonus stage where the player gets chased.

In Super Mario Odyssey

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Cascade Kingdom

The T-Rex is found in the Cascade Kingdom. Once the player enters Fossil Falls the player will see three Chain Chomps. Right next to the three Chain Chonpkins will be a hill, and the top of the hill will be the T-Rex. If the player climbs or jumps on him does not affect the T-Rex. The player can control the T-Rex by throwing Cappy at him. Once Cappy can no longer handle the T-Rex, the player jumps out of the T-Rex watching him fall back asleep or spawn back on the hill still sleeping...

Wooded Kingdom

The T-Rex can also be found in the Wooded Kingdom. the player can find it in a secret forest in a certain spot somewhere off the map. The player has to find what appears to look like very small trees on the edge of the map. The player will notice the Switch's shaking to indicate the T-Rex. Unlike, its latter appearance, it is walking in circles. If the player attempts to move close to the T-Rex while it is not asleep, it will attempt to chase Mario. If the player hides close to the T-Rex, it will start sniffing the player out and spot the player. However, the player can leave the place by grabbing the seeds and planting a beanstalk. The player can grab a seed by pulling the lever.

Metro Kingdom

The T-Rex is once again spotted in the Metro Kingdom. The T-Rex will appear once the player rides on a motorbike. While the T-Rex chases the player, the player will spot a Power Moon while the T-Rex is chasing Mario and after the T-Rex falls into a hole.


A T-Rex is somewhat similar to the one in the 1993 film, Jurassic Park.