Switchblack Ruins, otherwise known as World Castle-2, is in World Castle in Super Mario 3D World. This course is an underground stage with many Switch Panels. This is also a volcanic course.


Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: After the two switchboard rooms, use a fire flower to light the unlit torches. After all of them are lit, you can collect the star.
  • Green Star 2: At the checkpoint, don't enter the next room. To the right of the flag there is a tunnel leading to the second star.
  • Green Star 3: Before entering the green pipe, use a cat suit to climb the wall behind it and collect the last star.


Switchblack Ruins Stamp.png

In the room full of lava, stand on the platform. When it stops, jump and get the stamp before continuing. Be careful not to fall into the lava.