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Switch Scramble Circus is a level located in World 1 of Super Mario 3D World.


This is a circus themed level, with 4 switch barriers. Press each switch once or tap them with the game pad to unlock the barriers. This is also the first level with Biddybuds.

Green Star Locations

  • Green Star 1: After breaking the second switch barrier, wall jump or climb either of the shafts to get the star.
  • Green Star 2: After passing the third switch barrier, use the springboards to reach a Mystery Box on the left. While in there, break the box on the top-left corner.
  • Green Star 3: By the final barrier, use the moving switches to cross over to it.


Switch Scramble Circus Stamp.png

In Cat form, climb the high platform to the left of the flagpole. Alternatively, use the switches to lower the platform and wall jump to the Super Bell stamp.