Sweet Sweet Canyon is the name of a course in Mario Kart 8. It is the third course in the Mushroom Cup, and being the third course overall.


Right after you cross the starting line, there is a right turn and you will catch a glimpse of several ice cream cones. You are then thrust into a cave made of a giant donut where you have a sharp left turn. After the turn, your driver will be blasted out of a cannon and will activate their glider.

The character lands on a giant cake and you are required to turn right quickly or you will be hit by cones. You then enter a soda lake and you are given the opportunity to collect item boxes. After this, your driver starts an anti-gravity section. You turn sideways slightly before emerging from the soda and taking an upwards-left turn.

The character then turns right and once again, there are several cones blocking your way. There is then a trick ramp, ending the anti-gravity segment. After a quick left turn, you have to dodge two purple Piranha Plants. You then turn left again and near a trick ramp. To get to this trick ramp, you can also use a Mushroom to speed through a donut. After the trick ramp, the course ends.


Name Country Game Time Character Body Tires Glider
Nin★Fausti France Mario Kart 8 02:12.107 Baby Peach Teddy Buggy Wood Super Glider
Nin★Fausti France Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 02:07.205 Baby Peach Teddy Buggy Wood Super Glider
Nin★Alice United States Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 1:40.972 Peach Prancer Wood Peach Parasol



  • This course may belong to Peach and Daisy, due to a metal that shows both their names.