Sweatmore Peak is a location that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise.


Sweatmore Peak is a large, volcanic mountain area that is home to a literal sea of magma where Wario must obtain an object called Sweatmore Hotpants to move through the magma unharmed. As he gets deeper within the area, he'll need Sweatmore Superhotpants to get down further but must be careful of enemy fish called Snackerals that can steal the hotpants upon contact.


Episode 7: Fouling Up the Whole Works!

Wario makes it to Sweatmore Peak after being told by Count Cannoli to meet him there to find out more about the Wishstone pieces (still trying to get his wand Goodstyle back). Wario finds himself navagating through the hazardous magma sea using a combination of Captain Wario and the Sweatmore Hotpants until making it to the end. He defeats a large monster called Barfatronic Lavachomper which turns out to been created by Carpaccio in order to stop Wario. Seeing Wario as a major threat, Count Cannoli and Carpaccio decide to team up.

Special Episode Part 4

Count Cannoli makes it back to Sweatmore Peak hoping to get some "stuff." Wario himself is interested in the "stuff" and decides to take them for himself.




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