The Sweatmore Hotpants are key items that appear in Wario: Master of Disguise.


The Sweatmore Hotpants, despite it's name, appears to be fullbody clothing that is white/grey in color.


The Sweatmore Hotpants are very important items that are exclusive to Sweatmore Peak. With the Sweatmore Hotpants, Wario will be able to move through the magma without taking damage. Considering the majority of the level takes place in the magma lake, the Sweatmore Hotpants are required for the level. Because of this, Sweatmore Hotpants are found in multiple purple treasure chests.

However, Wario should be wary of enemies called Snackerals as touching these fish-like enemies will cause Wario to lose his Sweatmore Hotpants. If Wario should lose them while he is in the middle of the magma lake, he will quickly start taking damage until his life reaches zero or he makes it back to dry land. There are stronger versions of the Sweatmore Hotpants called the Sweatmore Superhotpants.

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