Not to be confused with Sushis.
"You needn't worry, Mario! I love taking care of others! If you plan on getting through this jungle, you need me anyway."
― Sushie

Sushie is a Cheep-Cheep that becomes Mario's seventh partner in the game Paper Mario. Her out-of-battle abilities are going into water and having Mario ride on her through water. She sometimes watches over Yoshi kids in the Yoshi Village who are sometimes very naughty and mischievous. She is seen at the end of the game with the Yoshi kids in Jade Jungle, then in Princess Peach's Castle, and then on the Star Wagon with the other party members in the game.


Sushie is one of the strongest and useful partners in this game. She attacks are basically water (great for Lava Piranha). Her field move also allows Mario to swim across water and dive under certain objects.


Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
BellyFlop Belly Flop Normal Rank Attacks an enemy for normal damage. 0
SquirtPM Squirt Normal Rank Attacks an enemy for water damage. 3
WaterBlock Water Block Super Rank Raises Mario's defense by 1 for up to four turns. 3
TidalWave Tidal Wave Ultra Rank Attacks all enemies on the screen. 6


  • Even though Sushi is a female, she is referred to "he" and "him" on her Super Rank description.
  • Sushi's name is referred to a type of food that involves fish.



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