Not to be confused with Sushie, one of Mario's partners from Paper Mario.

Sushis are shark-like enemies that first appeared in Super Mario 64.


Super Mario series

Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS

Sushis mainly appear in the level Dire, Dire Docks in this game. Sushis mainly swim around and if Mario gets too close to them, they will attack Mario causing him to lose HP. Sushis cannot be defeated at all in this game and must be avoided at all times.

New Super Mario Bros.

Sushis appear in several underwater levels along with other common enemies of said levels. This time, Mario can defeat them by firing Fireballs at them or touching them while under the effects of a Super Star.

Mario Party series

Mario Party

Sushis only appear in the mini-game Treasure Divers where they can swin into a player causing him/her to lose their treasure chest.

Mario Party 2

A Sushi appears on the Pirate Land board where he will charge 5 coins to take the player over to the next dock.

Mario Party 3

A single Sushi appears on the board Deep Bloober Sea where he is operating the torpedo cannons. He always forces the player to press a button (unless the player is heading in the opposite direction using a Reverse Mushroom). More Sushis appear in the mini-game Swinging with Sharks where they are seen swimming around in the water. A Baby Bowser is also seen on top of one.

Mario Party 4

Sushis appears as hazards in Manta Rings of this game. Whenever a player comes into contact with a Sushi, then that player will lose 2 points.