Surf's Way Up is a Dual mini-game that appears in the game Mario Party 8.


The mini-game starts with two players standing on hovering jetboards, traveling across a short road. When they reach the end of the road, the players start to hover and surfing through outer space. The main objective is for the players to fly through the circular point goals found throughout the entire area, each with different point values. The player with the most points by the time the two players reach the end of the course will win the mini-game. However, there are some goals with the Bowser emblem as well, which will instantly drop the player's points to zero if passed through.


  • Wii Remote - Move
  • A Button / B Button - Boost


  • The mini-game's name is a pun on the phrase "Surf's Up."
  • The Earth and some satellites can be found in the background, as well as the Moon at the cutscene at the beginning of the round.