Support Shroob.PNG

Support Shroobs are Shroobs that aid Commander Shroob. Three of them wield gigantic Shroob-ombs. They look identical to generic Shroobs.

To attack their adversary, the Support Shroobs can throw the Shroob-omb at them. The Shroob-omb will wink to indicate which brother it would be thrown at. If it winked its right eye, the Support Shroobs will throw it at Mario. If it winked its left eye, Luigi will be attacked. The Baby Mario Bros. can counter the attack by deflecting the bomb with their Hammers. The Support Shroobs can also deflect the Shroob-omb back to a Mario brother. If the Mario Bros. failed to deflect the Shroob-omb, both brothers are damaged and could even become Dizzy. After an explosion, a Shroob UFO flies in and drops another Shroob-omb.

Additionally, instead of throwing the Shroob-omb at the Mario Bros., the Support Shroobs can throw the Shroob-omb high. While the bomb is in the air, the Support Shroobs quickly charge into a Mario Bro. They look at Mario's direction if they are attacking him and look ahead when attacking Luigi. The brothers could counter by jumping on their respective attackers. After attacking, the Support Shroobs catch the Shroob-omb.

If one Support Shroob was defeated, the two remaining Shroobs start flashing red under the stress of the bomb's weight. If two Support Shroobs are destroyed, the last one is crushed and the Shroob-omb rolls away. If the Support Shroob on left is the remaining Shroob, the Shroob-omb rolls backwards and explodes, knocking Commander Shroob into the battle. If the right Support Shroob remained, the Shroob-omb rolls in the opposite direction and damages both Mario Bros. If the middle one is left standing, the Shroob-omb can roll in either direction. If, however, all three or the remaining two are defeated simultaneously, the Shroob-omb falls to the ground and explodes harmlessly.


  • HP - 110 (180)
  • POW - 95 (100)
  • DEF - 95 (85)
  • Speed - 37 (41)
  • EXP - 10
  • Coins - 5