Super Shrooms are reoccurring items in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario


In Paper Mario, Super Shrooms are more powerful versions of Mushrooms. These items restore ten Heart Points when use. The first Super Shroom Mario finds will most likely be at the end of Goomba Road, just past Goomba King's Fortress. This item can also be purchased at many shops later in the game.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

These items appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as well. In this game, they have the same effect and use as its Paper Mario counterpart. Westside Goods will most likely be the first shop Mario finds that sells this item.

Super Paper Mario

Main article: Super Shroom Shake

In Super Paper Mario, these items are replaced with Super Shroom Shakes, which restore twenty points of Heart Points. Some Question Blocks contain Super Shrooms within them as well. These mushrooms also restore twenty points of Heart Points.

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