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Super Princess Peach ((スーパープリンセスピーチ Super Princess Peach?) is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS, and Nintendo's first game with Princess Peach as the main playable character. The first game with Peach as a playable character is Super Mario Bros. 2. In this game, the roles are reversed. Bowser gets his revenge and kidnapped Mario, Luigi and the Mushroom Kingdom Toads and it's up to Peach to rescue them. 


Vibe Island is a mysterious island not far from the Mushroom Kingdom, but hardly ever spoken of, as it contains great power. Bowser hears about Vibe Island and builds a summer villa there. A few of his minions discover the legendary Vibe Scepter, and Bowser plots to use it as revenge on Mario and Luigi. While Princess Peach is taking a stroll, Bowser's minions head to Peach's Castle and send a Goomba in to use the scepter to cause chaos so they can capture the brothers. The minions charge in, once the scepter is in activation, and kidnaps Mario, Luigi, and Toad, while having the other Toads go crazy with different emotions. The minions report back to Bowser, but the Goomba starts to cause chaos in the villa by waving the scepter. Everyone is either happy, angry, or sad. Back at the castle, the Princess returns from her walk with Toadsworth and a Toad (who possibly escaped) and all are shocked to see the castle. They go inside to find everyone extremely happy, raging with anger, or nonstop crying. One Toad sees the letter Bowser left for them, explaining they captured both Mario and Luigi. Princess Peach, in rage, proclaims she will rescue them, as she has been saved by them many times.

Before Peach departs, Toadsworth gives the princess an unordinary umbrella named Perry, who will journey along with Peach in the worlds. Perry can talk, and later is seen with a sad backstory revealed as the player adventures begins.


The player controls Princess Peach while she accompanies Perry. Peach can use vibes to perform special abilities. Perry will give hints or advice the player when Peach hits the Message Block.


Peach can pick up enemies with Perry; she can either allow Perry to absorb the enemy or toss the enemy.

World Menu


  • +Control Pad - Select
  • A Button - Confirm
  • L Button - Menu
  • R Button - Shop
  • B Button - Go Back



When the player defeats the enemy, they will appear on the enemy glossary. Each enemy has different descriptions.

Beta elements

Luigi has unused sprites in the game. Sprites of the Koopalings are seen deep in the game's files suggesting that the Koopalings were planned to appear in the game at one stage but got scrapped out.

References in other games

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Bowser's congratulations screen references the events in Super Mario Odyssey and the reversed roles in Super Princess Peach. Additionally, Perry appears as a support spirit.


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