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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Japanese: スーパーマリオワールド2:ヨッシーアイランド Sūpāmariowārudo 2: Yosshīairando, Super Mario: Yoshi's Island) re-released as Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. It was released on August 5, 1995 in Japan, October 4, 1995 in North America and October 6, 1995 in Europe. Instead of playing as Mario as usual, you take control of various Yoshis rather than Mario himself who appears as a helpless infant in order to rescue Luigi who also appears as a helpless infant and is kidnaped by Kamek and Baby Bowser. Despite being a sequel to Super Mario World, the game is actually a prequel which takes place before the events in Super Mario Bros..

Sequels and other versions

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was later released for the Game Boy Advance called Super Mario Advance 3. Later on Nintendo made Yoshi's Island DS (Also called "Yoshi's Island 2") for the Nintendo DS.

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island was released in April 2014 on the Virtual Console along with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Map (Part 3) - Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island Music Extended-0








Worlds and Levels

(Secret levels are only in the Game Boy Advance version and isn't featured in the original version.)

World 1

  1. Make Eggs, Throw Eggs
  2. Watch Out Below!
  3. The Cave Of Chomp Rock
  4. Burt the Bashful's Fort
  5. Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts
  6. Shy Guys on Stilts
  7. Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy
  8. Salvo the Slime's Castle
  • Secret: Exercise in the Skies
  • Extra: Poochy Ain't Stupid

World 2

  1. Visit Koopa and Para-Koopa
  2. The Baseball Boys
  3. What's Gusty Taste Like?
  4. The Bigger Boo's Fort
  5. Watch Out for Lakitu
  6. The Cave of the Mystery Maze
  7. Lakitu's Wall
  8. The Potted Ghost's Castle
  • Secret: Mystery of the Castle?
  • Extra: Hit That Switch!!

World 3

  1. Welcome to Monkey World!
  2. Jungle Rhythm...
  3. Nep-Enut's Domain
  4. Prince Froggy's Fort
  5. Jammin' Through the Trees
  6. The Cave of Harry Hedgehog
  7. Monkeys' Favorite Lake
  8. Naval Piranha's Castle
  • Secret: Go! Go! Morphing!
  • Extra: More Monkey Madness

World 4

  1. GO! GO! MARIO!!
  2. The Cave of the Lakitus
  3. Don't Look Back!
  4. Marching Milde's Fort
  5. Chomp Rock Zone
  6. Lake Shore Paradise
  7. Ride Like the Wind
  8. Hookbill the Koopa's Castle
  • Secret: Fight Toadies w/ Toadies or Fight Baddies w/ Baddies
  • Extra: The Impossible? Maze

World 5

  1. BLIZZARD!!!
  2. Ride the Ski Lifts
  3. Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead
  4. Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort
  5. Goonie Rides!
  6. Welcome to Cloud World
  7. Shifting Platforms Ahead
  8. Raphael the Raven's Castle
  • Secret: Items are Fun!
  • Extra: Kamek's Revenge

World 6

  1. Scary Skeleton Goonies!
  2. The Cave of the Bandits
  3. Beware the Spinning Logs
  4. Tap-Tap the Red Nose's Fort
  5. The Very Loooooong Cave
  6. The Deep, Underground Maze
  7. KEEP MOVING!!!!
  8. King Bowser's Castle
  • Secret: Endless World of Yoshis or Crazy Maze Days
  • Extra: Castles - Masterpiece Set (called Ultimate Castle Challenge in the Game Boy Advance remake

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