Super Mario Strikers, called Mario Smash Football in Europe and Australia, is the first soccer game in the Mario series. It features no rules. A sequel named Mario Strikers Charged was released on the Wii.


There are two types of characters on the game, captains and sidekick. The captains are the leaders of the team, and they play in the matches. The sidekicks are all the other players.


  • Mario: Super Strike: Fire Strike
  • Luigi: Super Strike: Vicious Vortex
  • Peach: Super Strike: Royal Strike
  • Daisy: Super Strike: Torpedo Strike
  • Yoshi: Super Strike: Foot of Fury
  • Wario: Super Strike: Belly Blast
  • Waluigi: Super Strike: Drop Rocket
  • Donkey Kong: Super Strike: Power Fist Strike


Unlockable Characters

The Super Team

The Super Team is a group of four very advanced robots built by Bowser. Not much is known about them. The way to unlock them is to win against them at the end of the Bowser Cup. The player will also unlock Bowser Stadium by beating them.


The stadiums are where the soccer matches take place. Three are available at the beginning of the game and four can be unlocked.

Starting Stadiums

Unlockable Stadiums

Cup Battles

The cup battles is a series of tournaments. you will have to work your way up to unlock the other cups.

Note: at the end of the Bowser Cup, the player will have to fight the Super Team. If they beat them, they will unlock them as a playable character and unlock Bowser Stadium.

Changes to Outfits

Super Mario Strikers provided many characters with different wardrobes for the game. The Mario Bros. both wear t-shirts with their respective colors as well as shorts and gloves. Princess Peach wears her hair in a pony tail, and also wears a two-piece outfit consisting of a skin tight jacket and short shorts that covers her breasts, bottom, and privates only. Her belly is completely bare, revealing a tiny belly button. Daisy wears the same outfit, but in orange as Peach wears hers in pink. Many characters are seen simply wearing t-shirts with their respective colors.



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