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This is a list of quotes found in Super Mario Party.


  • "Keeheehee! Let's give this adventure this spice!"
  • "I've hidden some Bad Luck Spaces on this stage! What do they do? You'll find out when you land on one!"


  • "Ha, OK!"
  • "Ho!"
  • "Ya!"
  • "Oh yeah!"

Princess Daisy

  • "Hey there! With me on your side, we're sure to win!"
  • "Ha!"

Princess Peach

  • "Ok."
  • "Ya!"
  • "Ha!"
  • "Hoo!"
  • "Ow!"


  • "Ya!"
  • "Ha!"


  • "Welcome adventurers! The time has come at last for your first foray."

' ' Welcome players!

  • "This is your first time, right?"
  • "These are ancient ruins, shoruded in mystery. What purpose did they once serve?"
  • "I don't know what's worse, the hair-rasing traps..."
  • "Or the giant Whomps blocking your path!"
  • "Yikes! The terror never end here!"
  • "This is shaping up to be one tough adventure."
  • "By the way... Do you need to hear the rules to this adventure?"
  • "Listen to the rules?"
  • "Roll the move and move ahead."
  • "Land on special spaces to collect coins."
  • "Watch out for Red Spaces!"
  • "If you can win the minigames, you'll get lots of coins."
  • "But there's more than it to that!"
  • "Having lots of coins is nice, but it's not enough to win."
  • "The real measure of victory is Stars! Whoever has the most Stars at the end wins."
  • "Even if you have 100 coins, you could still be in trouble if you obly have one Star."
  • "It's just like they say: Stars make the world go 'round!"
  • "OK! Then let's roll dice to find out the turn order."
  • "First, <insert player's name>."
  • "Second, <insert player's name>."
  • "Third, <insert player's name>."
  • "And fourth, <insert player's name>."
  • "Here are five coins as a present!"
  • "OK! Remember, Stars are the keys to victory. Where is our first one?"
  • "Who can collect the most Stars by the end?"
  • "The adventure is on!"


  • "There it is! A shiny Star, waiting just for you!"
  • "Collect coins while making your way here!"
  • "There it is! Land here and get a Star!"
  • "If both players land on this space, you can get two Stars!"


  • "No entry! Nobody gets past here! Nothin' doin'!"
  • "Unless you're willing to cough up a coin or two."
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