Super Mario Bros. Special was made by Hudson Soft in 1986 for the NEC-PC8801 and Sharp X1 series of Japanese PCs. SMB Special was the first Nintendo-licensed sequel to Super Mario Bros., released shortly before Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Two years earlier, Hudson Soft had released a similar follow-up game for Mario Bros., entitled Mario Bros. Special.

While superficially very similar to the original Super Mario Bros., the game features original levels and lacks a screen-scrolling mechanism. Jumping and running physics also differ from the original, providing a more challenging experience than Super Mario Bros.. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that the level timer runs much faster than in the NES/Famicom game.

Due to the PC88's technology being slightly inferior to that of the NES/Famicom, the graphics and audio differ somewhat from the original NES game as well. However, they are closely emulated and does not include Luigi or a multiplayer mode.

The Sharp X1 version does contain partial scrolling and better graphics but gives Mario a slightly shorter jump.

New Enemies

Hudson's staff took these enemies from earlier Mario games, none of which can be stomped, and provided them with new names:

New items

  • Hachisuke (a.k.a. Hu-Bee) - The bee from the Hudson Soft logo. If Mario finds this item, he will be awarded 8,000 points.
  • Hammer - The same power-up from Donkey Kong. It even behaves similarly.
  • + Clock - Upon picking this up, Mario will get a "Time 100 Up" for the level's timer.
  • Wing - Collecting this causes Mario to briefly act as if he is swimming in the air.
  • Lucky Star - Found only in World 4-1, it has the appearance of an atom. If Mario collects it, all the enemies on-screen will be killed.

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