Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World is a remake of Super Mario World for the Game Boy Advance. The game centers around Mario, with the help of Yoshi, rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser on Dinosaur Land.

Notable Differences

  • Princess Toadstool is called Princess Peach in this version.
  • Luigi isn't a color palette swap of Mario anymore, he has alternative pixels handles similar to Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • As with Super Mario Advance, there is a remake of the arcade Mario Bros., which also contains multiplayer support.
  • Yoshi's arms are not orange anymore.
  • If Mario (or Luigi) gets any other Yoshi, with the color besides green, then they will also appear in the Question Box where you find Yoshi (but you can still have the Green Yoshi come out of the question box too).

Items and Power-Ups

In Super Mario Advance 2, the player can pick up many items:


SMW Feather.png Cape Feather - A Feather gives Mario and Luigi the ability to fly by way of a cape.

SMW Mushroom.png Super Mushroom - A Mushroom makes Mario and Luigi get bigger and stronger.

SMW Fire Flower.png Fire Flower - A Fire Flower gives Mario and Luigi the power to throw fireballs.

SMW Yoshi Egg.png

Yoshi Egg - A Yoshi Egg allows Mario and Luigi the ability to ride on a Yoshi. Yoshi can also eat certain Koopas to grant him certain powers. i.e., eating a yellow Koopa allows him to ground-pound, eating a red Koopa allows him to shoot three podoboo-like fireballs, and eating a Blue Koopa allows him to fly.


SMW 1-up Mushroom.png 1-Up Mushroom - Gives the player an extra life.

SMW Key and Keyhole.png Key and Keyhole - If the player finds the key and puts it in the keyhole, they can go to secret levels.

SMW Balloon.png P-Balloon - When Mario or Luigi touches the balloon, they will inflate like a balloon and can float around to get to new areas.

SMW Switches.png P-Switches - Touching the blue P-Switch will turn Blocks into Coins or vice versa. Touching the silver P-Switch will turn all enemies except Lakitu into silver coins.

Regional differences

Title screens

Japan International
SuperMarioAdvance2TitleJapan.png SuperMarioAdvance2Title.png

An insignificant difference is that the copyright of 2001 from the Japanese version changed to 2002 in the international version, as they were released in different years. A significant difference is that in the Japanese version, the logo is detailed like in Super Mario Advance. In the North American and European versions, it is only the logo, having it lazily done. This trend continued in all of the later sequels.

Game selection

Japan International
Select Game - Japanese - Super Mario Advance 2.png Select Game - Super Mario Advance 2.png

The Japanese version had the Super Mario World text shaded purple and with lighter colors, along with the Japanese text from the old Super Mario World logo. There is also Japanese text on the Mario Bros.

Super Mario World Title Screen

Japan International
Super Mario Advance 2 - Japanese - Title Screen 2.png Super Mario Advance 2 - Title Screen 2.png

Strangely enough, the graphic designers for the game had trouble installing the Japanese logo in the Super Mario World title screen. They used the International one instead. A few other differences can be seen; the "TM" is bigger in the Japanese version and are from top and bottom. Also, the "SUPER MARIO WORLD" text is recolored. The 2001 and 2002 year difference is also seen.

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