Super Mario 64 DS (スーパーマリオ64DS, Super Mario 64 DS) is a 2004 game from the Super Mario series for the handheld game system Nintendo DS. It is also a launch title for the console. The game is an enhanced remake of the 1996 game Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 console, retaining the original story with slight changes. New features include a wireless multi-player VS. Mode where up to four players can play locally, this does not work on the Wii U and Virtual Console versions of the game, (excluding the single-player training mode). There's lots of minigames (most of them return in New Super Mario Bros.), as well as new levels and bosses. The dialogue has changed quite a bit, and Mario is not the only playable character (nor is he even available from the start). Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario also join the adventure and there are 150 Power Stars to collect (30 more than in the original game). This is the first Mario game on the Nintendo DS.


The Letter from Princess Peach.

Peach sends Mario a letter so that he may come to the castle as she baked him a piece of cake. Then, a Lakitu Bro. flies around Peach's Castle giving the player a view of the terrain along with Yoshi sleeping on the roof Suddenly, a pipe comes up from the ground and out jumps Mario. Mario turns around and two more pipes rise up, holding Luigi and Wario inside as they somehow managed to read the letter as well. When Luigi accidentally caused a fight, they fight for a while until all three bump into each other. Then, both Mario and Luigi look at Wario who points to the castle. Then, they go to the castle for the cake.

Mario, Luigi, and Wario at the intro screen.

Later on, the Lakitu Bro. takes Yoshi off the castle and onto the ground. He then wakes Yoshi up and shows his concern to him that Mario has not yet returned and that he should go check to see where he is.

As Yoshi tries to enter the castle, the Lakitu Bro. told him that the doors are locked. He tells Yoshi that he saw a Rabbit holding the key to opening the door. Yoshi then goes along, chases the rabbit in the maze and collects the key from him once the Rabbit is caught.

According to the Toad in the foyer, Mario, Luigi, and Wario all went to Bob-omb Battlefield to collect Power Stars after hearing that Peach was recently again kidnapped by Bowser. Goomboss, King Boo, and Chief Chilly then were all sent out to capture the three Bros. The Goomboss held Mario, King Boo held Luigi and Chief Chilly held Wario. Now it's up to Yoshi to find the power stars and rescue them, which he eventually does, then they battle Bowser twice. After collecting 80 Power Stars, Mario can battle Bowser one last time. Then the four land in front of castle rescuing Peach and a cake and the credits roll.


Gameplay of Super Mario 64 DS is fairly similar to the original Nintendo 64 version of the game. Mario (and now Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi) jump through a series of paintings and walls to gather stars to defeat Bowser and his minions.

Power Stars

The game features worlds which the player can access by jumping through paintings in different rooms inside the castle. Each world has seven Power Stars (there were six in the original Nintendo 64 version of the game) as well as an extra 100 Coin Star for each level, which appears above you once you collect 100 Coins without exiting the level or collecting a different Star. There are a total of 150 Power Stars in the game to be collected (there were only 120 Stars in the original game).


To complete the game fully, the player needs to find the three plumbers who were flung behind the doors by Bowser. The following table below shows each character attributes in a certain statistic. Each has their own special abilities:

Name Description How to Unlock Stats

Yoshi Artwork - Super Mario 64 DS.png

The player begins the game as Yoshi. Yoshi's special ability is swallowing. He may swallow small enemies, like Goombas. He may also swallow small objects, like Small Boxes. While having swallowed an item or an enemy, Yoshi can make an egg out of it and then throw it (this doesn't work with all items or enemies). Yoshi can also use a Power Flower to swallow Fire, and breathe it back out by pressing the A button. Also Yoshi may Flutter Kick by holding B while Jumping. He has the highest jump of the four and features average speed at both running and swimming. However, Yoshi can't punch nor kick, can't defeat boos, grab enemies, and his ground pound isn't strong enough to break brick blocks, which is why he has the lowest attack stat of the four. Yoshi's stats are as follows: Default Attack 0/3
Speed (run) 2/3
Speed (swim) 2/3
Jump 3/3


After some progression, the player may unlock Mario. After collecting 8 Power Stars, the player may go into the Character Selection Room, go through the center door, where there will be another door with the number "8" on it. Go through that door, and jump into the portrait of Mario. Once you've beat the Goomboss, you receive the key to Mario's door. Go to the Character Selection room to open Mario's door to play as Mario. Mario's special ability is the Wall Kick. If there is a perfectly flat wall, jump at the wall, and as soon as he touches the wall jump again. If done correctly he will kick the wall, and reach a great height. The Wall Kick is very useful to reach large heights. As the most balanced of the four playable characters, Mario plays very much the same way he did in the original game. with good all-round capabilities, except on speed at running. Also, when Mario grabs a Power Flower, he turns into Balloon Mario. Balloon Mario may float like a P-Balloon. He gets higher and higher the more you press B. You may steer Mario in balloon form using the control pad. Also, sometimes, when Mario hits a ? Block, there's a chance a feather will fall. You will turn into Wing Mario. If you triple jump, you will start flying. You may reach high places as Wing Mario. To stop flying, Ground Pound. Other characters can fly in VS. Mode. Mario's stats are as follows: Defeat Goomboss in Goomboss Battle as Yoshi. Attack 2/3
Speed (run) 2/3
Speed (swim) 2/3
Jump 2/3

Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 64 DS.png

To unlock Mario's younger twin brother Luigi, you must be Mario. Go to Big Boo's Haunt, after collecting 15 Stars, by defeating the Big Boo in the courtyard, then jump up to the second floor, and go into the door on the far right. In the room go to the bottom left corner. Take the Power Flower, and float up to another floor. Go through that door. Now, jump into the picture of Luigi. You should be on a roundabout. Choose the door you go by listening the voice of Big Boo and where it comes from. If you choose the wrong door, the level restarts. After the maze, there is a room with a long bridge, where the bricks fall. Run across the bridge, and go up the elevators. Jump into the hole at the top. Defeat King Boo, and take Luigi's Key. Go to the Character Selection Room, go through Luigi's door, and you may now play as Luigi. Luigi is optional to find, but is required to obtain some Power Stars, as well as Wario. He can Spin Jump. When Luigi crouches and jumps, he reaches a great height. He also falls down very slowly. Luigi may also Scuttle Jump (Which is similar to Yoshi's Flutter Kick), but not as high. Hold B when jumping to Scuttle. Also when Luigi is running, if he goes to the water, he may run on it for a small period of time. Next to Yoshi, Luigi has the weakest attacks, but he has the best speed at both running and swimming and jumping capabilities of the four. When Luigi gets a Power Flower, he turns invisible, for a short period of time, like Mario after wearing a Vanish Cap in the original game. When Luigi is invisible, he may run through most enemies and go through a few walls, except ice. Luigi's stats are as follows: Defeat King Boo in Big Boo Battle as Mario. Attack 1/3
Speed (run) 3/3
Speed (swim) 3/3
Jump 3/3


To unlock Mario's arch-enemy, Wario, you must be Luigi. Go into the Mirror Room, after getting 31 Stars and defeating the first Power Star in Dire, Dire Docks and Bowser in the Fire Sea, go the room with Snowman's Land, pick up a Power Flower with Luigi, go through the mirror, and jump into the portrait of Wario. Just go through the course, as you would go through a normal course, and jump into the hole in the ice, at the end. Battle Chief Chilly, like you battled the Bully. Once you've beaten Chief Chilly, take Wario's Key, and go to the Character Selection Room. Go through Wario's door and you can now play as Wario. Like Luigi , he is optional to find, but is needed to grab the Stars that the others cannot retrieve. Wario is the strongest of the four characters and can break most large objects, including the Black Bricks, rolling rocks, big steeliness, and other things which the other characters can't break, unless they use a Super Mushroom by punching, like normal. Wario may also spin stunned opponents in VS. Mode, by punching them, picking them up, and pressing A next to them. Then, you may make a circular motion using the D-Pad to swing them and press A again to throw them. He can grab and throw signs and ground pound them once. He also moves slightly faster than Mario and Luigi when carrying large enemies and carries them on his back. On the other hand, Wario has the lowest jump and worst speed stats at both running and swimming. When Wario gets a Power Flower, he turns into Metal Wario, like how Mario turns into Metal Mario after wearing a Metal Cap in the original game. Wario may then run in lava and go to the bottom of the water and allow Wario to walk underwater without the risk of drowning and being burned or hurt by enemies. If you want to go back to Yoshi at any time, just go through the door of the character that you're using. Wario's stats are as follows: Defeat Chief Chilly in Chief Chilly Challenge as Luigi. Attack 3/3
Speed (run) 1/3
Speed (swim) 1/3
Jump 1/3


Unlike in the original game, there are no Wing, Vanish, and Metal caps. They instead are replaced with Power Flowers. Every character reacts to the Power Flower differently. There is also a "Wings" power-up which can only be used by Mario and is a replacement to the wing cap, it replaces the Power Flower in some stages while playing as Mario. Additionally, all of the ! blocks (but the yellow one) have been replaced with a red ? block, which is activated through the ? switch where what would be in the original game the Tower of the Wing Cap. The other two switches are gone, and their areas instead contain extra Power Stars.

Image Name Description
SM64DS BreathFire.jpg Fire Yoshi Yoshi's fiery breath has the ability to melt ice and roast enemies with fire blasts. Players use A to make Yoshi breathe the fire, which temporarily replaces his lick attack. Yoshi is given a time limit that restricts the time given to breathe fire. This ability can also be reached with a bonfire, found in the two snowy courses: Cool, Cool Mountain and Snowman's Land. However, this will give Yoshi only one fire breath before the ability is canceled by itself in a short amount of time.
SM64DS FloatingPower.jpg Balloon Mario Balloon Mario has the ability to float in a puffed-out formation of the stomach to reach high-up places like a P-Balloon. The player must press B to rise, while moving in a horizontal direction with the D-Pad. Mario will begin to descend when no buttons are pressed. The ability will cancel if the player presses R Button during flight. The effect will wear off by itself after a short amount of time.
The Invisible Plumber.png Vanish Luigi In this form, Luigi has the ability to become invisible and is able to pass through almost any solid matter, except ice. The player can control Luigi as normal. Vanish Luigi is not immune to lava, quicksand, or drowning. The ability will wear off within a short amount of time. He cannot get hurt by enemies, like Metal Wario.
Through The Jet Stream.png Metal Wario This form gives Wario the ability to become heavy metal, which gives him more power and invincibility. Merely touching an enemy or walking into it will defeat it and will not hurt Metal Wario. He also sinks, and when submerged in water, he can walk on seabeds. However, Metal Wario will sink fairly quicker than normal in quicksand and lava. Normal controls are used in this form. The ability will wear off after a short amount of time.


Mini-games are also a part of Super Mario 64 DS. More mini-games can be unlocked by catching the Rabbits. The player can play up to 36 mini-games in the Rec. Room.

VS. Mode

Yoshi on the Castle Grounds map.

Super Mario 64 DS also includes a multi-player VS. Mode, which can be played up to four players by using the wireless communication. The host player must press the orange icon labeled "VS.", while the other players must press DS Download Play on the main menu. To change the settings, the player can press the start and select buttons. When the DS systems are connected, the host player will select a stage. There are 4 stages in total: Castle Grounds, Sunshine Isles, The Princess's Secret Slide, and Battle Fort. Once the stage has been selected and the settings are changed, each player will compete to get the most Power Stars and Coins withing the time limit. After the round is finished, the results will show the ranks of the players with the most Stars and Coins. All players in this mode play as a Yoshi. The first player (the host) plays as the default Green Yoshi, the second player plays as a Red Yoshi, the third player plays as a Blue Yoshi, and the fourth player plays as a Yellow Yoshi. Despite the color differences, each Yoshi has identical abilities, and are all able to pick up the caps of Mario, Luigi, and Wario to use the abilities of those characters. Also, all the characters can fly, whereas in the main game, only Mario can fly. VS. Mode can also be used to practice alone. This is useful to know where all the Stars, Coins, and caps are.


  • This is the first 3D Super Mario series game where Luigi appears as a playable character.
  • This is the only Super Mario series game where Wario appears as a playable character.
  • Most of the mini-games from this game are reused in New Super Mario Bros. and have multi-player modes.
  • It is called Super Mario 64 DS because it basically is a remake of the original Super Mario 64 with added content.
  • It was theorized that Waluigi was a secret unlockable character; however, this is false. Many do believe he was planned but was eventually scrapped. Some evidence of this is a purple minigame rabbit in the manual, and a strange looking hole on the far right of the castle in the file select. As of now, this hasn't been confirmed or denied. This is similar to the rumors of Luigi being playable in the original game.
  • King Boo claims to be Big Boo, even though the game was released after Luigi's Mansion.
  • When the Mario Cap is put on for the first time, it states that the player should press the A button to do the Jump, which is wrong, as the player should press the B button to do the Jump.
  • If Mario enters Tower of the Wing Cap, without his cap on, he can still fly and collect coins, even when he's on the ground.
  • This is the first Mario game to release on the Nintendo DS as well as the first 3D Mario game to release on a handheld system.


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