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[[de:Die Super-Galaxie]]
[[de:Die Super-Galaxie]]
[[fr:Une super galaxie]]
[[Category:Levels in Super Mario 3D World]]
[[Category:Levels in Super Mario 3D World]]

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Super Galaxy is the second level of World Star in Super Mario 3D World that is based on Super Mario Galaxy. This is where the player can get Rosalina if they can finish the level.


This level takes place in the galaxy where there are multiple spinning platforms and Lumas all around. It is also full of Octoombas too.

Green StarsEdit

  • Green Star 1:
  • Green Star 2:
  • Green Star 3:

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Super Galaxy Stamp
The stamp is cleverly placed on top of a set of 3 spinning platforms that can only be climbed up using a cat suit use good timing to nab it.
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