Super Blocks are special objects that only appear in the game Paper Mario.


The purpose of the Super Blocks is to upgrade Mario's partners, strengthening their attacks and unlocking new skills. Initially, each partner can only be upgraded once to the Super Rank. After Raphael the Raven gives Mario the Ultra Stone in Chapter 5, partners can then be upgraded a second time to the Ultra Rank.

Merluvlee can provide hints to the locations of Super Blocks that Mario is presently able to reach for the price of 30 coins per hint. If there are no Super Blocks that can currently be reached at that point, Merluvlee will refund the money.


There are 16 Super Blocks found all over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Dry Dry Desert

  • The first Super Block can be found at the oasis in Dry Dry Desert. It is located near the southern exit of the oasis.

Dry Dry Ruins

  • This block is found in the basement of Dry Dry Ruins, just outside the room that contains the Diamond Stone.

Mt. Rugged

  • A Super Block can be found near the train station area of Mt. Rugged behind a grey block. Mario must have the Super Hammer to break the grey block and get to the Super Block.

Tubba Blubba's Castle

  • This block is found at the bottom of the stairwell next to the room with the chest containing the first Castle Key.

Shy Guy's Toy Box

  • This block is found on top of a tall stack of blocks in the area between the Red Station and Big Lantern Ghost's room.

Jade Jungle

  • This block is located one section to the left of the entrance from Yoshi Village. Sushie is needed to swim to it.

Mt. Lavalava

  • The first Super Block is located not far from the entrance. In the first cavern with a zipline in it, riding the zipline will drop Mario off near a doorway leading to a room with three Fire Bars in it. Jump over the bars to reach the far end of the room where the block is.
  • After obtaining the Ultra Hammer, Mario must return to the zipline cavern and smash a pink block to reach a second cavern with a zipline. As Mario rides this zipline, he will pass through a beam of sunlight. By letting go of the zipline and dropping straight down here, Mario will land on a ledge where the Super Block is.

Flower Fields

  • The first Super Block is found on a ledge in the lower right region, along the path leading to Lily's pond. Mario must give the flower guarding the gate a Yellow Berry to enter the area.
  • The second block is found on a ledge in the upper right region, along the path leading to the Cloud Machine. It can be reached after Lakilester joins.

Shiver Mountain

  • This block is sitting on a high ledge in the second area just past where the first Duplighost is encountered, trying to impersonate Kooper.

Toad Town

  • This block is found down a pipe on a small island in a pond in the first section of town. Sushie, who joins in Chapter 5, is needed to swim to the island.

Toad Town Tunnels

  • The first Super Block in the Tunnels past one of the Blooper boss battles. The Super Hammer acquired in Chapter 2 is needed to break the block leading to it.
  • After acquiring the Super Boots in Chapter 3, Mario can break the wooden floor leading to the area with the second block. Three invisible Coin Blocks must be hit to form a bridge to reach the Super Block. Watt can be useful to locate the invisible blocks, but is not required.
  • The third Super Block is located near where the first block was found. The Ultra Hammer acquired in Chapter 5 is needed to break the pink block leading to it.
  • The last Super Block in the Tunnels is found on the left side of the room with the pipe leading to Shiver City. It can be reached after Chapter 6 is completed.