Super Bell Hill, also known as World 1-1, is the first level of World 1 and the very first level in the game Super Mario 3D World.


The main features of this level is the standard grassy plains. There are also many trees shaped like a Super Bell.

Green Stars (Super Mario 3D World)

  • Green Star 1: Go out of the intersection of the third clear pipe going up.
  • Green Star 2: After passing the check point, chase down the nearby Rabbit to get the star.
  • Green Star 3: By the pipe leading to the stamp, climb the tallest bell tree and get the Big Rabbit for a Mega Mushroom. Hurry to the Giant Blocks to reach the star. Alternatively, use the gaps behind the first group and below the second group of Giant Blocks.

Stamp (3D World)

Super Bell Hill Stamp
After the checkpoint, go into a pipe leading to a hidden area and jump into the clear pipe to get the stamp of Cat Mario.

Optional Mission (Treasure Tracker)

Grab the Golden Mushroom.

Hidden Luigi Image

After dropping out of the clear pipe near the halfway point, the player can meet a Sprixie with a pair of binoculars who can show them a view of the goal's location. An 8-bit Luigi can be seen behind the fence near the bushes. However, Luigi disappears if players try to approach his hiding location.


Wiiu screenshot tv 0145c by spectrezero77-d9hu9he
  • After unlocking the rocket ship leading to World Star, it can be seen in the background of Super Bell Hill at the far left.


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