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[[Category:Mario Kart 8 Tracks]]
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Mario in Sunshine airport

Sunshine Airport is the name of a new course in Mario Kart 8 which is in the Star Cup. Like most Mario Kart tracks it has 3 laps.


Sunshine Airport is an airport that is based on the Gamecube game: Super Mario Sunshine. The race starts in an airport where you can see courses that are featured in the game. When you start the race you go towards until you see a curve that lets you jump off and do a trick. After you have to avoid the following boxes and if you avoid them you could do a little trick. When you land,you'd see an airplanes wheel than you would have to turn when you see an airplanes side with a path or you fall and turn. than you turn again and your glider is turned on after you have a banked turn where you would see a glider section but this time you will be flying down after you have a turn and you are back in the airport where you would have your final turn before crossing the finish line to complete your lap. 

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