Sunnycide is an egg-like boss in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time that is found inside Yoob's Belly. The name is based on the way some people eat eggs for breakfast: sunny-side-up and is the game's second boss.


Sunnycide was created by the Shroobs to use Yoob to eat up other Yoshi. Inside of Yoob, Sunnycide runs a large factory that transforms Yoshis into eggs. The intended plan was to then hatch up the Yoshis into more Yoobs making a Yoob army to help aid in world domination for the Shroob race. However, Sunnycide was soon defeated by Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi and the gigantic Yoob was shut down for good.


Sunnycide has many attacks in battle. It mainly attacks by hurling eggs at Mario, Luigi, or the babies. It can also suck up either one to heal its own HP. When Sunnycide is flipped over its back, it poses two new attacks which involves pulling a rope that can either: turn of the lights and a Boo attacks one of the group or summons a trap hole that will pull them under.


The key to defeating Sunnycide is to flip it over on its back. This can be done by destroying the eggs that are near it. Destroying the eggs results in a Yoshi running out from it and is seen pushing a rock on the top of the screen. After five Yoshis have been freed, they will push the rock onto Sunnycide causing it to flip over. This is Mario, Luigi, and the babies' chance to unleash their strongest Bros. Items to quickly take down Sunnycide.


  • HP - 480
  • POW - 63 / 59 (on back)
  • DEF - 180 / 45 (on back)
  • Speed - 35
  • EXP - 260
  • Coins - 150


  • The name "Sunnycide" could be a mix of the word Sunny-Side Up and suicide.