Not to be confused with the enemy Angry Sun.
The Sun is a character that appears in Paper Mario. He is the main source that helps keep Flower Fields in shape.


The Sun has a unique shape which makes him different from the actual sun. He has a face which contains blue eyes.


The Sun was mentioned by Wise Wisterwood where he was blocked off due to the dark clouds. After Mario reaches his home, the Sun can be seen tired and tells that the Puff Puff Machine is the reason why Flower Fields is covered with dark clouds. The Sun then tells Mario that he cannot shine over Flower Fields unless the Puff Puff Machine is destroyed. After Mario destroys the Puff Puff Machine, the Sun has his energy back and shines over Flower Fields making all of the dark clouds go away for good. The Sun can also be seen during the ending parade where he was flying by the float with Wise Wisterwood and the Shamans.


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