Suit Yourselves is an unlockable Co-op minigame in Super Mario Party. The name is a pun of "suit yourselves".


The players run into a library with Kamek. The players stand behind the cards and Kamek positions himself before starting the minigame.


Kamek will show the players the highlighted suit while the highlighted suits are shown along with the other suits and fake suits. The suits will be flipped over and will be swapped or shuffled. The players have ten seconds to choose the correct suit. If the players choose the wrong card, each of them will get a miss per wrong card. The minigame ends when they miss four times. They players must keep choosing the correct cards until the two fake suits remain.


Players perform their victory or losing animations.


  • NS Stick – Move
  • NS JC Right Button – Select card

In-game description

  • "Find the cards shown in the example!"
  • "Have each teammate focus on one card!"
  • Tips: "Don't take your eyes off the cards while Kamek is shuffling."
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