Stylish Move
A Stylish Move in action.
Game(s) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
User(s) Mario and his Partners.
Effects Adds style to a move filling up the Star Gauge more.

Stylish Moves are special techniques that are first used in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Stylish Moves are mainly used to help get the crowd more excited and fill up the Star Meter quicker. However, the Stylish Move must require the right moment in the middle of the attack for it to work. At the moment, the player must press "A" at least once (in other cases most notably the Power Smash requries up to five A buttom presses). Stylish Moves also appear in Super Paper Mario.

List of Stylish Moves

User Moves Timing Moment
  1. Jump
  2. Hammer
  1. As soon when he jumps on the enemy when in midair.
  2. As soon he attacks the enemy, he can jump backwards twice for damage.