Stuffwell is a talking suitcase erected by Professor E. Gadd designed to assist Mario and Luigi in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time by giving them advice and generally being of assistance with everything he can, such as by carrying their items, Cobalt Star Shards, badges, and clothing, and by translating what the Elder Princess Shroob is saying. He also replaces a suitcase from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and has an unusual method of communicating with Mario and Luigi by using non-existent words such as "Nincompooter".

Despite his unusual dialogue, Stuffwell can be understood easily, though Toadsworth DID berate him for saying "Nincompooter" instead of saying "Nincompoop" when Stuffwell voiced his displeasure of how Toadsworth was slowing down the team.

Stuffwell also has a special device called a Warpulator, which can be used to travel through time. He uses this when the heroes hit the save albums.

Names in Other Languages


Stuffwell earned his name from the term "stuff well".

Language Name Meaning, Notes and Origin
Spanish El Maletín

Genitive: Maletinis

From El Maletín (suitcase)
Italian Il Vagli8.0

Genitive: Il Vagli8.0-us

From Il Vagliotto (small suitcase). The nominative form's 8.0 actually comes from a technological numbering system.
French Le Fourretout Holdball
Japanese Sūtsukēsu Transliteration of English suitcase

Stuffwell's Warpulator

Language Name Meaning, Notes, and Origin
Spanish El Servício De Transporte Temporale Maletinis Stuffwell's Temporal Transport Service
Italian Il Servício Tempo-Taxi Vagli8.0-us Stuffwell's Time Taxi Service

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