Storm Chasers is a battle mini-game that appears in Mario Party 3.


The characters are located in an fenced in area in the middle of the desert. There are various cactus that can be found on the outside of the fence. The characters are carrying a pot that contains a Piranha Plant bulb in it. The objective of the mini-game is for the player to chase after the rain cloud in order to gather enough water for their Piranha Plants. The characters must position their pot under the rain cloud in order to gather rain. The rain cloud will be moving in different directions, so it will be hard to predict the way the cloud will travel. While the characters are chasing the cloud, Monty Moles will be popping out of the ground. If a character makes contact with a Monty Mole, they will stumble and unable to move for a few seconds. The character that gathered the most rain for their Piranha Plant will win the mini-game.


  • N64 Stick - Move
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