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Stork (コウノトリさん Mr. Stork?) is a white bird who delivered Mario and Luigi to their homes. The stork debuted in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Physical description

The stork is a bird with a long bill. It has white and black feathers; the black feathers are at the tip of his wings.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: As a bird, the stork can fly through the air. Flight allowed the stork to deliver the babies to their homes.


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Yoshi's Island

The Stork was carrying Mario and Luigi to deliver the babies to their homes. Kamek seized Baby Luigi and the stork but bungled Mario. Yoshi and his travel companions work together to help Mario save Luigi and the stork while Toadies attempted to chase them.[1] After the defeat of Baby Bowser, Mario reunited with Luigi and Yoshi freed the stork. The stork continued carrying Mario and Luigi to the parents' home and leaves Mario and Luigi by the porch.


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