The Stone Cyclone Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The Missions

  • Silver Stars on the Cyclone
  • Tox Box Speed Run
  • Green Star 1
  • Green Star 2

Silver Stars On The Cyclone

In this mission, Mario must grab four Silver Stars in order to gain a Power Star. These Silver Stars are easy to reach due to their location, though. The first one can be reached via long-jumping from the Starting Platform to the arm with the time switch and ground-pounding the switch to slow down the star's Tox Box guard. The second one is near the guard's path. For the third star, Mario has to head to the ring and then go up the ramp to get the star. He must stand in the safety spot to protect his life if the Tox Box guard is moving at him. Standing on the safety spot's edge will cause death as the Tox Box "bites" Mario, however. After the third star, Mario must make his way across the paths to the final two stars. Upon their obtainment, Mario will get the star he sought.

Tox Box Speed Run

In this mission, Mario has to mosey onto the end of the Cyclone Stone. He has no time switches on his side anymore, and he is in a time crunch, but can use the timers to extend his remaining time. Once he smashes the crystal at the end, the time-bomb is defused, and Mario can grab the star whenever he wishes.

Curiously, Cosmic Mario's theme plays in this mission.

Green Stars

There are two Green Stars in this galaxy.

For the first star, do a well-timed triple jump in the Starting Area and a spin. Luigi is recommended for this one.

Getting the second star is harder. To grab this star, Mario must do a long jump off the Ending Area and then perform a Star Spin for more height in order to grab the star. This is a now-or-never moment once the player jumps off the final platform. If positioned wrong or if you do not spin, Mario will perish in the black hole at the centre.


The galaxy is almost identical to the Stone Cyclone planet from Beach Bowl Galaxy, however the enemies and objects move four times faster. As before, it contains Tox Boxes and Thwomps. Blue switches that slow time are scattered across the course, some replacing 1-ups. These blue switches are also the same as those seen in the third star of Clockwork Ruins Galaxy . The Comet Medal is located near two sideways-moving platforms near the beginning of the level. It can be reached by Long Jumping from a raised platform near the first Thwomp.

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